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Farm2Kitchen began from a personal need and has gone on to explore the subtleties in the business of good food. Over the years, we studied Indian consumers behaviour and worked on a strategy that has been a good one so far. Unless the consumers are connected to ground reality, he/she is not going to consume good food products.

Over the past few years, Farm2Kitchen has developed a network of more than 100,000 small farmers across India. We provided these farmers training, mentoring and direct access to the market, thus providing them better value for their produce and improving their bottom line. We operate Organic Food stores as well as distribute food to processed food makers. We at Farm2Kitchen believe that the food value chain needs to transform from a production-driven system, to a demand-based one. In order to do so, the producers have to be connected directly to the consumers. This is a win-win for both, the producer and the consumer, because the consumer is also curious about where the food on his plate is coming from, whether it was responsibly grown, how it gets transported before reaching the point of sale, and the shelf life to ensure its safe for consumption. The only way to achieve these objectives is to build a hub that brings together all the players in the food value chain.

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Morarka and Farm2Kitchen have joined hands to launch Good Food Stores offering all Good Foods across India. With this initiative Farm2Kitchen will be connecting millions of Indian households directly with small and marginal farmers across the country.





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